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CO2 Fractional Laser

USFDA,German ( TUV), CE Approved

Acne Scar | Injury Scar | Burn Scar | Skin Resurfacing | Vaginal Rejuvenation | Skin Wart | Mole | Skin Tags I

Fractional mode:The fractional mode is a non-surgical mode which targets problem like acne scars, fine lines, deep wrinkles, melasma and other skin concerns forms MTZs with minimal downtime. It eliminates the epidermal layer of the damaged skin and promotes proliferation of collagen production for firmer, healthier, and younger looking skin.

Surgical Mode:CO2 generate a laser beam that can cut the skin lesion like skin tags, warts, palmoplantar warts, actinic and seborrhoeic keratoses etc.

Vaginal Mode: Improves vaginal health and minimizes symptoms associated with vulvovaginal atrophy in perimenopausal women



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